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Which Fall TV Premiere Should You Tune Into? Check Twitter…

September 27, 2010

This week has been filled with new television premieres. I have to admit I am not the one to be addicted to a show. Since the best show ever LOST ended I have not found a new show. But I realized the reviews of new shows were right at my finger tips. Searching twitter for the tweets about a new show made me want to tune in. Looking at live tweets during a telecast helped explain things I did not understand, and even gave me a few laughs.

NBC has created a twitter account (@NBCtheevent) for the new thriller “The Event”, tweeting about following a real-time timeline of the show to help undestand the new drama that is said to be half LOST half 24. So how is the account doing? A little under 2500 followers, which is nothing monumental, but is having an account for a show good for marketing and promotion? I guess only time will tell. 

Detroit 1-8-7

The new cop show takes place in Detriot, is it just another show like all others? They have an account @dtown187 which is “from the writers room” as the bio says. The tweets so far have only annouced the time of the show and a few retweets from @sebastiangibbs who I am assuming is one of the actors. Thought the lack of tweets it had great reviews and had 12.7 million viewers the first epsidoe, but as for tweeting, they need to work on that…

The Undercovers 

For  a show by J.J. Abrahams I was expecting a new favorite. I was slightly disapointed when the Mr. and Mrs. Smith like show about a couple working as undercover agents seemed to border between comedy and drama. The action was followed by a laid back attitude, so that “edge of your seat” feeling was never there and I certainly did not jump out of my seat. But on Twitter the reviews are not so bad, the ones I could read atleast since many of the tweets about the show were from other countries. So will I tune in again? I wil give it one more try.

So has twitter become the new review guide? Not yet… but the potential for a new show to leverage twitter? I think more series should get on it.

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