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7 Benefits of Twitter for Non-Believers

August 31, 2010

I have been tweeting for a little over a year now. I admit at first it was a few tweets here and there and I did not understand the point. Now as a social media manager I can say I understand Twitter and believe it is underutilized by many businesses.

Twitter has brought me more than I have even asked for in the past year and a half. From advice, to gifts, to friends, to jobs, tweeting IS beneficial for those non-believers out there.

Credit: Inventor Spot

1. My IPad: Yes, it is true, I won an ipad from using twitter. I participated in an all day webinar by Vocus and filled out a survey and was entered to win. The next day I was STUNNED when I saw an email saying I was one of three winners. When I tell people that I won it, some still do not believe me and look amazed.

2.A travel kit: I was browsing my tweets one day and came across a blog post by a flight attendant @heather_poole. It was an interesting post about how dried cherries can help jetlag. Heather and @choosecherries were running a contest where if you commented on the post you would be entered to win and I did! Being very afraid of flying this made me excited and eager for my next flight. I won a cashmere blanket and socks, an eye-mask, dried cherries, and a tory burch makeup case! I will be very comfortable on my next flight!

3.Customer Service: I have the worst luck with customer service, I always get the person who is rude and taking there bad day out on me. For my senior commencement ball last May my university chose the Westin in Providence as the host. The event was amazing and the rooms were top notch. The one person that ruined it was the manager. The woman on duty that night was VERY rude, and decided to slam the door in my face when I asked a question. It is one thing if you are dealing with annoying college kids, but isn’t part of being a manager, having some managerial skills that do not include slamming doors?

I contacted the Westin three times through different mediums trying to get an apology. I did not get one. After explaining my story to 4 different people and going weeks without a response I decided to tweet about it. Within seconds @starwoodbuzz contacted me asking if they could help. Finally I thought, someone is going to help.

They forwarded on the request, and a week later I got a very insincere apology. Point of the story, great use of twitter by their social media person, terrible hotel customer service.

4. I won a book: It doesn’t sound that exciting but after joining a #prstudchat one day I ended up winning a copy of Jeffrey Hayzlett’s ,”A Mirror Test”. I am excited to read the book and will probably follow up with a blog post.

5. Making friends: I probably speak to some GEN-Y tweeps more than I do my close friends. I have made great connections with many millennials in the PR field. It is always great to share insights, especially with people your age.

6.JOBS: If this does not change the skeptics mind to believing I am not sure what will. There are so many tweeters out there that only tweet jobs. I have found many jobs I am interested in through twitter, and even had an offer based on a connection I had made. Many businesses now use social media as a form of recruitment, so if you know someone who isn’t engaging tell them to hop on!

7. Twitter Chats: I mentioned before that I am a frequent attendee of #prstudchat, but I also regularly check into #smmchat, #u30pro, #genychat, and #pr20chat. Each one different, all allowing me to make great connections. Where else will I be able to speak directly with PR executives that run the chats, or learn a new blogging tip? The first step is engaging in social media, the second part is acutally being SOCIAL.

So as the days go by I convince more of my friends to hop on twitter. The benefits are endless and the networking is plentiful. If there is one thing I have learned over the past year and a half, it is that social media (when used correctly) can only make your life better.

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  1. September 2, 2010 1:48 am

    Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for the post about the benefits of twitter. I too have made some great connections and met some wonderful people using twitter. It is interesting how time changes our perspective of certain aspects of life.

    When I first joined twitter, I didn’t understand the usefulness of it. I posted a tweet and nothing happened. I figured, hmm what’s up with that.

    However, a short time later I got my first follower. I didn’t know the person, but it was still exciting. A short time later I got another follower. But this time, it was different. It was a woman I actually knew. So, I sent her an e-mail welcoming her to the Jim Horrell fan club. That was several months ago.

    I now find that making connections, learning new information, and reading interesting and rewarding blogs only scratch the surface of what I have learned from this new service. One of the most beneficial uses for twitter, as you pointed out in your post, is the chats. BlogChat, JobHuntChat, genychat and more.

    Another way I have found to use twitter is to become involved in tweetups. I have only participated in one tweetup, but it was a fun and rewarding experience. Sometimes a tweetup is the only way you will actually get to meet some of the people you meet on twitter. Of course you don’t have to meet someone in person in order to benefit from networking with them. However, in my opinion, meeting someone in person and having a face to face discussion strengthens the connection and can even lead to a long lasting friendship.

    Although I haven’t found my dream job throught twitter, it has allowed me to meet, chat, and connect with many people. And in the bigger picture of life, I think making a friend is worth more.

    Take care, Alicia, and thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • September 2, 2010 1:44 pm

      Thanks for the reply Jim! I agree that twitter chats are very useful in connecting with others as well as learning a great deal about certain topics.

      I have been to a few tweet-ups as well, I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout at each and networked with great people.

      With jobs being posted on Twitter and other social media sites I am sure you could possibly find something you are looking for, keep at it, and keep tweeting!

  2. Chris Lombardo permalink
    October 2, 2010 3:09 am

    Thoughts on how best to access Twitter? I am sort of limited in my technology (social media not allowed on work equipment), and I don’t have a web-enabled phone. It seems designed for multiple daily visits, and I can’t get on-line on a personal machine that often. I know, it may be time to spend some money, but for Twitter use, what offers the best utility?

    Like your tweets, just found your blog. Firenz’e fantastico!

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