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You Graduated and Your Still an Intern?

July 14, 2010

I recently graduated in May and decided to take an internship this summer.

Many people ask why would you not look for a real job?. Well there are many reasons why  choose another internship rather than jumping into the work force.

1) I do not know where I want to live.

I have family all over the country and being a summer intern gives me the opportunity to look around at different places to live and different jobs, but have the ability to leave at the end of the 3 month period. As an intern on my resume it will not look bad as it would if I took a real job for only 3 months.

2) You do not know what you want to do.

Internships are the time for experience. You can try out different niches within your industry and realize what you really want to do before you sign a year contract to work somewhere you might end up hating.

3) It is still paid.

As a graduate I know I needed a paid internship. I got them to raise to hourly rate two dollars an hour before I started stating that I was a graduate and thought I deserved a little more. They agreed and now I am making more money than I would as a college intern at this position.

4) You can never stop learning.

They say to have as many internships as possible, and it could not be more TRUE! This is my fourth and I have learned so much from each one. I also can apply to some non-entry level jobs because having four internship translates into experience. Once you get the interview, prove what you know!

5) It may lead to full-time.

I was offered full-time last week. I do not know if I am going to take it, and make do some negotiating with salary and such, but that is the glory of being an intern first. I proved myself so I have the ability to ask for a little more if I take that full-time position.

So intern at as many places as you can during college, and if you are not sure what you what to do, where you want to live, or want to gain some more experience in a different topic than you are used too.

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