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Review: The Science of Facebook Marketing

July 1, 2010

A had the pleasure to listen to the webinar “The Science of Facebook Marketing,” by Dan Zarella, who works for Hubspot. The webinar started a bit late due to some technical issues, but with the twitter hastag #FBsci everyone was able to follow along with what was going on.

What I took away from the webinar was this:

1) People click on things without being aware of what it is. Help your users look cool.

2) Websites such as or can help you analyze who comes to your page, and help you market to that niche more appropriately.

3) Women have more wall posts then men, but men typically have more friends.

4) Avoid “buzz words” in your posts such as:

organization, SEO, consulting, productivity, leverage, and implement

You do not use these words in everyday conversations, why would you use them on Facebook?

5) Do some research about what your followers want to hear about. Things such as food, movies, TV shows, and books are most popular among Facebook users. LEAST liked topics were financial services and religious organizations, they had the fewest fans on average.

6) Zarella’s Hierarchy of Needs (based off of Maslow’s model)




7) Social Proof: Behavior is based on what we see others doing.

8 ) Putting numbers (in numerical form) in front of a post makes it more appealing to read.

(Ex. 5 ways social media can help your business)

9) Besides sex, POSITIVITY and LEARNING were the most read types of pages and what people were looking for on Facebook.

10) On Facebook you must call to action. People need to be told to do something most of the time if you want any result.

**The full presentation can be viewed here.**

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