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Post Grad Life : Where to go from here… Situation #2

June 28, 2010

Mackenzie has an internship. It is paid and in the area where she is currently living for the summer. It is a social media internship, not exactly what she wants to do, but interesting to say the least.

In August her lease in the seaside town where she resides is up, and she has a big choice to make. Mackenzie’s dream has always been to move to California where her family is now living. Of course that all changed when she learned her new boyfriend has a major that requires him to be in school for two more years.

Should she stay at the job in Rhode Island where they are offering her full time and a good salary, with her boyfriend close? Or should she travel to California to pursue her dreams and receive a likely mediocre salary to start off?

Many people have this issue, whether to stay for love or to move on. The saying if you let something go free if it comes back it is meant to be, really does not seem cheesy anymore. Is this true? As much as it is possible for long distance relationships to work, what is the probability that they really will? Let’s help Mackenzie out with some advice from those who have been there or are in the same situation.

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  1. July 10, 2010 9:09 am


    I’ve been there done that. Long distance relationships aren’t meant for everyone. I’ve been in it for a year and now its all over 😦

    The distance creeps in and things get messy. I would NEVER give anyone the advice to be in a long distance relationship. TWO years? best of luck mate!

    In my opinion, she should follow her dream. Even though the other option sounds all nice and cozy. Because if later in life, things don’t work out, she shouldn’t look at you as the reason why she gave up on her dream.

    If I were I would choose to be with my guy because that would give me more happiness than career-progression etc. But then again, I’m not the jet-setting sort. I like to “settle”. I know this contradicts what I said in the paragraph before this but I go absolutely lose my head when I fall in love! I SHOULD be focusing on my career/dreams because they’d never wake up and tell you that they’re just not in love with you anymore. [I think I stole that from Lady Gaga]

    Her decision should depend on what her priorities are! Hope for the best!

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