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Communications vs. Business

April 19, 2010

So after touring public relations firms in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, I have a sense of what firm and agency life is like. But are there jobs out there? Many of the places we visited did not seem to have job offers. Many were offering internships, but not to graduates? Why is it that all entry-level jobs pay so little and expect the basics? That is fine, I know you have to start somewhere. People graduate business school and start off at a job using their skills, and making 60K. For some reason in communications you have to work your way up even if you posses the skills. You have three or four internships, which in the end help you compete against others for the job that does not even let you show the skills you have acquired from the internships. 

So my question is, why are jobs in business so much more valued in the world? Communication jobs are so important but not always viewed as so. Half of the jobs I have been looking to apply to I feel that I am over qualified for, but I have to start somewhere. A company is not going to hire a recent grad for a management position. So do you take the path of trying to use your entrepreneurial skills and work something up on your own? The task of finding a job is very complicated in this economy and in the communications field. All of my friends that are graduating that already have jobs after we finish this year are all business or fiance majors. I guess we will see.

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