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We graduate in two months?

March 22, 2010

I walk into my class this morning, and suddenly it is March 22, 2010. What!? When did this happen? Two months until I graduate from college and am in the real world. For some reason I never actually thought this part of my life would come. Maybe it is the denial of getting older, or maybe it is the fear of finding a job? Last week when my class (all seniors) was asked if they knew what they were doing after graduation, not one person raised their hand. It is a millennial thing where we are so undecided?

I recently read an article on called “Quarter Life Crisis.” Yes I am only 21, actually just turned 22, but for some reason I have this major fear of what’s next. The article spoke about how we do not know who we are, and we do not know who we are because we can be anything we want. Our parents by our age were looking for marriage some even had kids. Everyone I speak to is not ready for this major step into the real world. Our generation does not want to grow up.

It seems weird how “young” everyone believes they are, when in fact we are not young at all. Sure we have our “youth” and we do not yet have wrinkles, or back pain, but most of us feel like someone should hold our hand into the next step of life. Many of us will get a slap in the face when they realize that there is no one holding your hand. So i have made some rules for myself to help cope with this change?

1. Do not move home home. This may seem a little harsh at first but being on my own since I was 18 I do not feel bad for you. Unless you are like my friend Kara who has an accounting job lined up near home and is making $60,000 starting off a year and has $100,000 in loans, you should not move home. Many people that move home fall into the same old slump. They get a serving job, or just live off their parents. The only way to not be afraid of the real world is to PUT YOURSELF IN IT.

2. Market yourself. I am the only one of my friends that I know that even has a twitter account. Use social media to market yourself. You can find job postings, and connect with other people who share your professional interests. Unless your the perfect student and have 10 internships and extreme connections, you will have to find and apply to jobs they will not come for you.

3. Save money. This is one topic I should not be speaking on, but a concept I am trying to grasp. You do not NEED those new Marc Jacob shoes or to get sushi every Thursday and Saturday at $30 a pop. I am trying to learn, and hopefully others can learn from my mistakes, do not spend what you do not have. As hard as it is, in the long run you will be in better shape. There are many websites with deals on your favorite stuff.

4. Party now. This may seem obvious, but if I had a dollar for every one I know that has graduated college and wishes they could go back to hang out, I would be rich. This is the last time in our lives where it is okay to go crazy with friends, take that last spring break trip, go out on Wednesday when you have class at 8 a.m. on Thursday. The work load never ends, but college does.

5. Have the summer for yourself. This does not mean sit on the couch or by the pool and work at an ice cream stand. This means get an internship that pays if you are not ready for the work force, it is one more thing to add to your resume. If you do not feel completely confident with apply for “big time” jobs, try and get a summer or part time job that has to do with your field. Experience is key. Also do not forget to enjoy those summer nights, we have to grow up, but one more summer will not hurt.

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